February 6th 2010
  Chibi Knight (747168 Plays)     
Save the kingdom of Oukoku from the 3 deadly beasts! A cute and fun action RPG!
October 27th 2009
  Demolition City 2 (745778 Plays)     
Demolish buildings around the world while avoiding certain structures!
September 25th 2009
  Cave of Wonders (745830 Plays)     
Explore this mysterious cave and encounter one of the most fearsome bosses in video game history!

Starring yours truly!
July 20th 2009
  Luis LAUNCH (745801 Plays)     
Launch Luis into space using his special fuel.

WARNING: There's a small amount of cartoon blood in this game.
March 6th 2009
  Super Mafia Land (745797 Plays)     
Take on the role of Giuseppe and pals through this tribute to the ultimate Mario game Super Mario Brothers 2! Oh and there's something to do with the Mafia in there. Made with Jmtb02
October 31st 2008
  Buccaneer Battle (745804 Plays)     
Swashbuckle your way through hordes of enemies on the high seas in this pirate battle game.

Can you defeat the scurvy broadside's captain?

This game's art was created by the very talented Ansel!
July 21st 2008
  Pico Blast (745794 Plays)     
Help Pico take on one of the most epic bosses ever to grace a flash game!

This throwback to classic arcade games will fulfill your need for action.

May 29th 2008
  Wooglings (745773 Plays)     
Help the Woogi children work together to reach the goal!
April 17th 2008
  WW: Vanquish Those Viruses (745765 Plays)     
A fun game for the Nutrition building in Woogi World
March 21st 2008
  Castle Crashing "The Beard" (745808 Plays)     
Take on Tom Fulp's beard using characters from his upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game "Castle Crashers!"

Made with Coaly and Luis.
Christmas 2007
  The Nutcracker (745763 Plays)     
A fun little Christmas game where you play as the Nutcracker. 5 mini games that blend together seamlessly.

Made with Tyler from Glaiel Games.
  Boss Bash (745770 Plays)     
Take on 3 of the worst bosses from video game history! Abobo from Double Dragon, Wart from Super Mario Brothers 2, and Thunderbird from Zelda II: the adventure of link!
  Incubus Pulsum (745780 Plays)     
An extremely addicting, but VERY hard rhythm game. You'll be playing this one for hours to master it.

Another co-operative effort with Tyler Glaiel of glaielgames.com
  Terrascape (745800 Plays)     
An immensely fun brawler/platform adventure. A co-operative effort with Aaron Worral of negativeflash.com
April 2007
  P.I.C.O. 2 (745789 Plays)     
Pico's Infantry Covert Operatives, the sequel!
Halloween 2006
  Haunted House Candy Hunt (745774 Plays)     
Take on the roles of the best characters from the Starwars universe, Jek Porkins and Ponda Baba!

Get all the candy in this halloween platform puzzler!

  Aqua Slug (745787 Plays)     
A parody of the Metal Slug video games but using peaceful squirtguns. A huge game with tons of polish. A co-operative effort with Tyler Glaiel from glaielgames.com.
April 2006
  P.I.C.O. (745810 Plays)     
A worms clone made with characters from the Pico franchise on Newgrounds. Made for Pico Day 2006
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