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November 15th 2010
  Brother Nephi 2 - Official Trailer
The game will be officially released this Wednesday!

More good news: The game will be available to buy for mobile devices running the Android operating system!

Here's the official trailer:

October 31st 2010
  Brother Nephi's Adventure Chapter 2 - More Previews

We're hitting the home stretch on Brother Nephi's Adventure part 2. All the pieces are finally coming together.

All that's really left is a TON of voice acting. Then we'll move on to beta-testing to make sure there are no bugs and to double check that we haven't missed any important plot holes.

The game is looking great and playing amazingly! We hope you'll have a ton of fun playing it and laugh a lot as you help Nephi get the plates of brass.

As a Halloween special, here are 3 new screenshots from the game. Can you tell what each of them are?

October 16th 2010
  Brother Nephi's Aventure Part 2
Another recording of me drawing up a scene. This is "Laban's Library" for Nephi's Adventure 2:

October 10th 2010
  Brother Nephi's Adventure 2 - Video Update

A special update for 10-10-10. In this video I animate a short cut-scene from Brother Nephi II - a tribute to a certain plumber :)

August 4th, 2010
  More Bro. Nephi's Adventure Part II
Here's another screenshot from Brother Nephi's Ultra Funtastic Point and Click Adventure part 2!


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