Official Walk-through for Trick or Treat Adventure Quest

Join little Johnny in this point-and-click adventure flash game to find the perfect Halloween costume and get all the candy!

Play it here: Trick or Treat Adventure Quest

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Story, Music, Sound Effects: -Rog- (
Art and Animation: Poxpower (500 best songs ever)
Programming: BoMToons (



7: Johnny's House
8: Domo Kun Screen
9: Elvira Screen
10: Up toward Store
12: Store Parking Lot
13: Inside Store (One Eyed Bob)
14: End of Street
15: Greatest American Hero Screen (Sewer Vent)
16: Fat Xena Screen (Up to Old lady and Spider)
17: Old lady, Spider, and Pokemon Butterfree Kid
18: Gay Zorro screen, Manhole entrace to Sewer
20: Guybrush Threepwood, Vampirella, and Billy Idol
22: Final Fantasy Cloud, Ricola guy, and Transformers Soundwave
23: Venom (from Spiderman), Pumpkin Girl, and Space Balls Trooper/Super Soaker
26: 3-headed dog (Cerberus)
24: Mexican, Wayne and Garth, Power Ranger
25: Redneck Trailer
27: House that gets Toilet Papered
28: Guy with plumbing problem's house
29: House 665

Inside House: Find pieces for Commander Claw costume

  • Pick up comics
  • Pick up underwear
  • Go to Hallway
  • Reach in mouse hole
  • Reach in mouse hole again
  • Turn off hallway light
  • Use gold key on parent's door
  • Enter parent's room
  • Turn on record player
  • Close armoir door
  • Get gray key
  • Use gray key on cuffs to get cuffs
  • Go to kitchen
  • Open kitchen drawer
  • Get utensils
  • Get crazy glue
  • Combine glue with utensils
  • Get love note
  • Get booberry cereal
  • Get mop bucket
  • Turn on kitchen light
  • Go to living room
  • Turn off living room light
  • Get jolly rancher from mom's butt
  • Open basement hatch (Parent's disco ball must be on, kitchen light must be on, hallway light must be off, living room light must be off)
  • Go to basement
  • Get raid
  • Get crowbar
  • Get mousetrap
  • Get drill
  • Combine drill with bucket to make Commander Claw helmet
  • Go to living room
  • Use mouse trap on boots
  • Get boots and hamster
  • Go to kitchen
  • Put hamster in microwave
  • Get hamster and hair
  • Combine hair and glue to make mustache
  • Go to bathroom
  • Get toilet paper
  • Turn on tub
  • Combine Booberry cereal with tub water to turn it blue
  • Combine yellow stained underwear with blue water to turn it green
  • Commander Claw costume appears

  • Challenge 1: Old lady and the Spider

  • Go outside through living room
  • Talk to Elvira to get lighter
  • Go to convenience store
  • Talk to One Eyed Bob to get cough syrup and empty twinkie
  • Combine cough syrup with jolly rancher
  • Go to screen with sewer vent
  • Reach into sewer vent to get syringe
  • Combine syringe with can of raid
  • Combine poison syringe with twinkie
  • Go to spider screen
  • Give twinkie to butterfree kid
  • Spider eats butterfree, spider dies
  • Pick up old lady's candy

  • Challenge 2: Guy with plumbing problems and the C.H.U.D.

  • Go to Guybrush Threepwood screen
  • Defeat guybrush in battle of insults to get taffy
  • How to defeat Guybrush:

    Guybrush: You fight like a dairy farmer.

    Correct Response: How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

    Guybrush: Nice costume. Where'd you buy it, in a dumpster?

    Correct Response: Why yes I did, and please tell your family I said thanks for marking down the price on it.

    Guybrush: If I looked like you, I'd be wearing a bucket over my face ALL the time.

    Correct Response: If you looked like me, you'd have a modeling career instead of getting paid to mow my parent's lawn.

    Guybrush: You're no match for my razor sharp wit!

    Correct Response: Too bad you didn't utilize that razor sharp wit instead of the razor you used in that failed suicide attempt.

    Guybrush: My dog's rear end smells better than you.

    Correct Response: So you're still sniffing him there on a regular basis, eh?

    Guybrush: The sight of you gives me far more chills than any horror movie.

    Correct Response: The only thing giving me chills is that somebody might see me talking to a loser like you.

    Guybrush: Even Charlie Brown would have more success getting candy on Halloween than you.

    Correct Response: So? Even a corpse would have more success getting a girlfriend than you.

    Guybrush: My last fight ended with my hands covered with blood.

    Correct Response: I hope now you've learned to stop picking your nose.

    Guybrush: I've seen rocks with more charisma than you.

    Correct Response: I've seen boy bands with more dignity than you.

    Guybrush: You don't need candy, your teeth are clearly rotted out already.

    Correct Response: You're the one who's old enough for dentures there, gramps.

    Guybrush: I've been known to make my opponents dizzy with my immense vocabulary.

    Correct Response: You sure it wasn't just your breath?

    Guybrush: My tongue is sharper then any sword.

    Correct Response: First you better stop waving it like a feather-duster.

    Guybrush: Looks like somebody failed out of Arts and Crafts class.

    Correct Response: At least I'm not the one who was always caught eating the paste.

    Guybrush: Nice green underwear you got there, chump.

    Correct Response: Damnit. I knew if I wore these you'd get turned on.

    Guybrush: You're like a carved pumpkin, rotting from the inside out.

    Correct Response: You're like a vampire, sucking all the time.

    Guybrush: Couldn't afford a REAL costume this year, eh?

    Correct Response: I donated all my money to charity. Bet you feel like a jerk now, eh?

  • Give toilet paper to billy idol to get candy corn
  • Go to Ricola guy (guy with horn) screen
  • Give Ricola guy coughdrop to get his horn
  • Combine horn with taffy to make a sewer plug
  • Go to manhole cover screen
  • Use crowbar on manhole to open it
  • Go into sewer
  • Go to C.H.U.D. screen
  • Use candy corn on C.H.U.D.
  • C.H.U.D. follows corn trail to fan
  • Turn on fan to kill C.H.U.D.
  • Go to leaky pipe screen
  • Use pipe plug (horn + taffy) on leaky pipe
  • Return to surface
  • Go to screen that has guy with plumbing problems
  • Talk to guy with plumbing problems to get his candy

  • Challenge 3: Defeat Cerberus the 3-headed dog

  • Go to Space Balls trooper screen
  • Give Space Balls trooper bald hamster to replace his lost iguana and get his Super Soaker
  • Go to screen with Mexican
  • Give Mexican mustache to get beer
  • Go to screen with Soundwave transformer
  • Give Soundwave beer to have him shake it up for you
  • Go to redneck trailer screen
  • Give redneck shaken beer
  • Use fuzzy hand cuffs on redneck to chain him to his trailer
  • Get moonshine
  • Combine moonshine with supersoaker (first part of flamethrower)
  • Combine lighter with supersoaker to complete flamethrower
  • Go to screen with Cerberus (the 3-headed dog)
  • User flame thrower on Cerberus
  • Pick up Devil Gate key
  • Open golden gate
  • Walk right to enter Satan's cave

  • Challenge 4: Defeat Satan to get ultimate bag of Candy

  • Talk to Satan to begin final gameshow showdown
  • Answer trivia questions correctly
  • Watch the ending!

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