Nephi's Adventure Chapter 2 Release!
Brother Nephi's Adventure Chapter 2 is now available on the web!


Big shout out to Newgrounds for sponsoring the game and promoting it. We will be clear to post the game on BoMToons on the 24th!

My younger brother played the first game, that got me playing it too! Just found out about this sequel, nice one!
~ Submitted By: Provillus - 03/25/2013
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~ Submitted By: timberland 6 in - 06/15/2012
I just realized that there are "Plates of Flash" lol! To bad almost no one will know what they are though!
~ Submitted By: Rennat - 11/23/2010
3 days left!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am happy!!!!!!!
~ Submitted By: Croquet Mallet - 11/21/2010
Sorry, this is the correct link http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager03.html
~ Submitted By: Nick - 11/18/2010
@ Delilah: First I've heard of that problem, make sure your Flash player is up to date (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/) and you allow flash to store data on your comp in your flash player settings (http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.html)
~ Submitted By: Nick - 11/18/2010
Note: since I have to re-start anyway, going to try the file @ Newgrounds .... Update: the 'freeze when I try to save is happening at newgrounds too --- guess I'll reload and NOT save, for now NOTE: am playing using Mozilla Firefox Browser v.3.6.12 (maybe it's just a FF thing?) Anyway, enough chitchat - wanna go adventuring with the ever-so-handsome Nephi ;)
~ Submitted By: Delilah - 11/18/2010
SO HAPPY!!!! I've been waiting for this since I played part I - here's the thing tho... game freezes when I try to save (am playing @ http://play.escapegames24.com/2010/11/nephis-adventure-2.html) other than that - can't wait to continue (NOTE: can't continue either, with 'Continue' option :( - but will restart and try again THANK YOU for this long-awaited TREAT - Awesome jobs on the voice acting (love the camel - lol!) C'ya
~ Submitted By: Delilah - 11/18/2010
Added a skip button after LOTS of requests!
~ Submitted By: Nick - 11/18/2010
Definitely fun game. Yes, a SKIP button would be nice when replaying the game.
~ Submitted By: Daniel - 11/17/2010
Well Done, I kinda miss some of the old artwork and enjoyed the gaming references, You guys did a great job!
~ Submitted By: Cactus - 11/17/2010

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