Nephi's Adventure Part 2 is here!

Waste your time playing Brother Nephi's Ultra Funtastic Point and Click Adventure Chapter 2: Quest for the Plates this Thanksgiving to escape from awkward family moments!

If you have an Android phone, make sure to pick up the game for 99 cents in the Marketplace! (Search Nephi's Adventure)


when is chapter 3
~ Submitted By: witten - 04/30/2017
when will there be a part 3?
~ Submitted By: dwjdnjwnd - 02/08/2015
Great game:) EVERYONE loves this game:)
~ Submitted By: Kelci - 02/13/2014
Nephi's Adventure is one of my favorite animation series. My children always love to see this incredible series. I am really happy that the new series of this cartoon is released. Thanks for the information.
~ Submitted By: alternative ene - 08/30/2013
it's a awesome.
~ Submitted By: k-mac - 11/05/2012
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~ Submitted By: don22 - 06/15/2012
I think camielle might be in the third one...
~ Submitted By: MLG - 08/28/2011
The rope might play a part in ch. 3...you'll have to play and see!
~ Submitted By: Nick - 11/24/2010
Question for the author about the rope: Is that going to be something important in Chapter 3?
~ Submitted By: The Chipster - 11/24/2010
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I played it on http://Newgrounds.com/ and it is AWESOOOOME!
~ Submitted By: Croquet Mallet - 11/24/2010

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