Nephi's Adventure on Android
Thanks for all the support of Brother Nephi's Adventure Chapter 2 over the last 2 weeks!

The game has been played almost 400 thousand times across the Internet with over 8000 click-throughs to the "real story" on LDS.org!

If you think about it, that's eight thousand people who were curious how this crazy game relates to what we actually believe, and who chose to take a look.

If you have an Android OS cell phone, be sure to download the app from the marketplace and spread the word to your friends who also have Android phones...if we get enough downloads on Android the IPhone is next!


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Is this available on Google Play? If so, can anyone send me the url?
~ Submitted By: Jogos Para Andr - 04/17/2013
Yes! First! I keep telling my dad to get this on his Droid 2
~ Submitted By: hguhf - 08/26/2012
I do have to say your the man! where did you go on a mission to btw?
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Could you make one for the IPod also, or will it be compatible with both IPhone and IPod already?
~ Submitted By: Opee - 07/07/2012
Thank you for this post. Thats all I are able to say. You most absolutely have built this blog website into something speciel. You clearly know what you are working on, youve insured so many corners.thanks
~ Submitted By: flowers deliver - 06/15/2012
Did you buy Nephi's Adventure yet?
~ Submitted By: Nick - 09/12/2011
i have know this weby for sometime now and u never update it this page has been up for like 4 morths now
~ Submitted By: someone - 09/10/2011
Woops! Fixed it now!
~ Submitted By: Nick - 07/27/2011
Did you notice it says that the post was made in 2009? Anyway, love the game.
~ Submitted By: Matthew - 07/27/2011
Thanks, Nick. I just tried that website. It says my account's not associated with an Android phone so no download. I guess I'll have to just use it online.
~ Submitted By: johnhenry - 07/17/2011
Have you tried this link? https://market.android.com/details?id=air.com.bomtoons.nephi2&feature=search_result
~ Submitted By: Nick - 07/15/2011
I'm trying to get the Nephi Adventure downloaded onto my Android Nextbook (it's not a phone), but it doesn't show up in the app market. Any suggestions?
~ Submitted By: johnhenry - 07/13/2011
Hello. It is I, Croquet Mallet.I've got a question. Which Bomtoons game is the world's most played Bomtoons game? (p.s. I had previous names on this site. I was once CHINCHILLA!!! and Hey!!! Listen!!!)
~ Submitted By: Croquet Mallet - 05/08/2011
Hey. It's me Croquet Mallet again. I had NO idea you went on a mission to North East Italy, Nick!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Submitted By: Croquet Mallet - 03/27/2011
We'll make an iphone version if we get enough sales on android to let us buy the equipment we need.
~ Submitted By: Nick - 02/21/2011
can u make one for iphones???
~ Submitted By: hayden - 02/19/2011
Mission: North East Italy
~ Submitted By: Nick - 02/08/2011
I do have to say your the man! where did you go on a mission to btw?
~ Submitted By: Frank - 02/07/2011
Hooray, hope you LOVE it!
~ Submitted By: Nick - 12/29/2010
Yes! My dad bought it on his Droid 2! YAYS!!!
~ Submitted By: Croquet Mallet - 12/12/2010
Thanks! It's definitely worth the investment!
~ Submitted By: Nick - 12/06/2010
I'll give u a buck for this.
~ Submitted By: Tanner - 12/05/2010
Yes! First! I keep telling my dad to get this on his Droid 2
~ Submitted By: Croquet Mallet - 12/05/2010

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